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South Dakota Landowner & Outfitter Alliance (SDLOA) Calls for Ban on “Fake Meat”

Today, the SDLOA announced their intent to seek legislative approval to ban “fake meat” including its production and sale in South Dakota.

Several states have already pursued the ban, most recently Florida Governor Ron DiSantis signed legislation banning fake meat. The Florida Governor said his administration was committed to investing in local farmers and ranchers. “We will save our beef,” the governor continued.

“As the cattle industry continues to battle market volatility and burdensome government regulations, banning fake meat should be relatively easy to accomplish in an agricultural state like South Dakota,” stated Mark Trask, SDLOA chairman.  “We’d ask every livestock and ag organization to support this effort in the next legislative session,” said Trask.

There are a number of start-up companies developing technologies to grow beef, chicken, and fish by using cells taken from live animals.

Cody Weyer, immediate past SDLOA chairman and board member stated, “We need to stop this movement before it gets started.   Fake meat may be expensive and years away – but in our opinion – South Dakota should lead the way in pushing back before this anti-rancher effort shows up on our doorstep.”

About South Dakota Landowner & Outfitter Alliance: 

SDLOA, established in 2019, advocates for landowner & property rights and commercial hunting operations.  Membership is reflected both East and West River South Dakota and membership owns and operates nearly 2 million acres in South Dakota.

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